Personal And Professional Speaking

Whether you are speaking casually with a bunch of friends or sharing a new business idea with your colleagues or just expressing your thoughts in a focus group, what you need to know that you have the freedom to express your ideas but it should be in a way that is clear, easy to understand and avoided to be misunderstood. When you share your thoughts in a group of people there might be people sitting with opposite thoughts or with different religion or supporting different leaders. This is where you need to know if the thoughts you are expressing can be supported with argument or facts when being objected by others? Can you actually support what you are saying? Do you know much about it? 

Public speaking is a way to influence people in the clearest form. This can include religious discussions, political discussions, life experiences, health discussions, travelling etc. A person has the ability to influence another person just by “How” they say things and at the right timing. Sometimes what you are saying might be right but the way you say it might hurt someone’s ideas so that’s not how you influence positively 

The need to flourish your communication skills has always been important either at home or at work or in public. You might not have great knowledge about something but your confidence, communication skills and body language does the work. Companies are continuously working on providing trainings on personal and professional development of employees so they become the future leaders of their companies. Institutions are providing public speaking courses in Sydney to encourage youth to share their thoughts and ideas in a manner that can be used positively by everyone. 

One of the reasons why people may not be able to communicate and deliver their ideas is because of lack of confidence and the fear of being judged. You experience anxiety before going in front of a lot of people and your body language tells it how your hands are shaking and your eyes are looking here and there. To reduce such symptoms you need to do your homework about what you are going to say, how you are going to say it and when. When you things on track and aligned the next thing you should do is to practice. Practice in front of mirror is one of the most common ways to eliminate fear because you see your strengths and weaknesses right in front of you. Once you are done practicing, work on your posture like how you stand, is your back straight enough, how to place your hands, how much seconds to allocate for each audience with eye contact. Then do the same with a friend and ask them how it looks and sounds. This way you can get easy feedback and response before going into the spotlight. This is how you can correct the mistakes before you speak in front of everyone and it always give you better results.  speaker-public